Slides from requirements conference

So, May 16th I attended the 1-day workshop ”Kravhantering på riktigt”, a new Swedish Conference about requirement work and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to present how mind mapping and Visual models can help.

I’ve been speaking at dev. conference and testing conferences but this was my first time speking to a room full of requirements professionals, a nice twist!

Among other things, I spoke about the fear of the things we know we don’t know and how that fear can hinder us. Instead of fearing it we should embrace that awareness and be happy about all the things we actually know!

I also spoke about the big pile of unspoken or unknown requirements and how our assumptions creates a lot of problems.

My take aways from the different talks is that we all spoke about the same challenges but from different perspectives. Some of our slides were even the same principles but used in different ways. Quite interesting!

My slides, in Swedish , can be found here: