CAST 2018 #1: Speedtesting Workshop

So, the first in a row of posts about cast is a post about the workshop I had the pleasure of doing with my friend and colleague Tomas Rosenqvist.

The title was ”Speedtesting using mind maps” and consisted of 90 intense minutes of interaction with the awesome ”Bling R Us” webshop that we created some time ago as a recruitment exercise (I’ll get back to that in the next post…)

The purpose of the workshop is to show how using a mind map template can give you a structure to your testing but still let you move fast.

The exercise was divided into 3 parts: Planning, execution and documentation and each part consisted of a short introduction, doing the actual stuff and then a debrief.

To summarize it, for a specific session:
– Set a mission
– Figure out a good approach
– Spell out all your (relevant) assumptions explicitly
– Make a really really rough plan for your
– Go for it!
– Take loads of notes
– Clean it up and reflect on your work
– Make sure you use as positive a language as possible to maximize the impact of your report

It was… absolutely AWESOME. I loved the energy and enthusiasm in the room and my only regret was having to interrupt people due to time restraint.

Slides, template (xMind), an example of a filled out template (xMind) and a pdf with the instructions and specification is available at

Thank everyone who participated and if you try it out for yourself: please send us feedback and your result so we can iterate and improve!

@LenaPejgan & @muamaidbengt (Twitter)