UK Star 2018

Just came back from ukStar 2018 and I thought I’d summarize my experience while still fresh in memory. So, first of all: I only had the change to attend 1 of 2 Days. Day 2 actually had a lot of interesting talks that I wish I could have attended but unfortunately I had to go […]


TestSverige UnConference 2018

So this weekend I attended TestSverige UnConference 2018 among with a group of other members. I’ve attended a few unconferences before (Agila Sverige as one example) but this was the first time with a really limited allowed number of attendees. In the end we were 10 eager participants which might sound small but allowed for […]


SAST Q1 2018

Very weird (but nice) seeing yourself in print! Apart from technical issues with screen resolution vs. Prezi, the presentation in general felt great. Got lovely feedback and great questions from the audience. Presentation is available here:


Swetugg 2018

I had the great pleasure of returning to Swetugg and do another presentation this year. I talked about ten areas where I often find bugs* and how to avoid them. I talked about requirements, layout, only doing positive tests, not working as one team, assuming instead of analyzing and much more. My presentation is available […]